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Briana Stuart

Hey Adam! gFam looks really amazing! I'm looking to get more dancers creating content and I think your site would be a great place for the dance community. I just tried to go to your site, but it seems to be under construction. When will everything be up and running again? Thanks!

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gFam Author

Hi Briana!

Ahhhhhh, it was down momentarily today as we were working on a bug with our new Gated Feature content and preparing for a demonstration we were doing on the RippleXDev Twitch stream. We actually had a record breaking day today so please do try and log on again.

I really think dancers are perfect for the site. Their whole art is the art of story-telling which is what gFam is all about, they create incredible images and they need our support, particularly during the pandemic. Please let me know if you have any issues!