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Discussion on: What advice would you give our new grantees?

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Erica Hargreave • Edited on

This is a great question. For me, I think my key piece of advice would be to join the various Web Monetization community platforms early and regularly engage with others in the community. This has been invaluable to me, in getting to know others in the community, learning what they are working on and how they are applying the Web Monetization Standard on their various projects, and to make connections with others who know what I am talking about and are experimenting in the space. This has meant that when I have had a question, there has always been someone knowledgeable around to give me their feedback. So far these communities have included Cinnamon,, @gfam, the Web Monetization and Coil subreddits, and a Web Monetization list I've created on Twitter. Take the time there to learn about what others are up to in the space, engage with them, and share what resonates with you with the wider

Aside from this, the answer whenever you are invited to any Web Monetization events is always "Yes, please." as this will help to connect you to others in the space, and I find every time, I learn something new.

Oh, and embrace experimenting. You will never know what works for you, unless you try. It doesn't have to be perfect before you share it. This is a dynamic and evolving space, primed for experimenting.