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Art Enthusiast. Novice Photographer. Podcast Fanatic. Previously at The New York Hall of Science.

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Your Weekly Roundup is here!


Join the Community Call

here is the link to the community call community.interledger....

Join the Community Call

@bestape sorry your missed the community call, the recording ...

Join Your Organization / Project (2021)


Join Your Organization / Project (2021)


Join Your Organization / Project (2021)


Join Your Organization / Project (2021)


Join Your Organization / Project (2021)


Bi-Weekly Discussion: Resolutions

I resolve to continue sharing more opportunities that will co...

HostBeak Kreators for Africans now LIVE

Congratulations @ogopedia

Snake Nation Community Call

@lwlkarama so excited thank you for posting

The Weekly Round Up

Thanks @gfam

Rebooting Design Club, rethinking plans and experimenting with Coil

Hi @jemima thanks for sharing this update, happy to see you'...

Weekly Discussion: How do we introduce web monetization to new people?

Hi @helenatude @ruteradio project Interruptor may be able t...

MG.Social new web app promo

@mateoxrp great promo, can't wait to see the finished app.

LaunchPad — Grant Report #1

@veethika thanks for sharing and loving the illustration wor... — Grant Report #1

Hi @folawole this is terrific can't wait to what else you do ...

MOVA — Grant Report #1

Sure I'll send you the information.

MOVA — Grant Report #1

Hi @nicol this is a great report! Would you be interested in...

New Day — Grant Report #1

Hi @tadej reading your report and it's great! Have you atten...

Black Web Fest 2021 Event

@victoriac looking forward to this!

Agenda for Wednesday's Community Call

Can't wait for tomorrow's Community Call, see y'all there!

Surprise! we are part of Tokyo Game Show 2021

That's so cool @senkgoky congratulations!!

Live Streaming from Sweet Life Records — Final Report

Hi @kyle Thank you for sharing your report.

Weekly Round-Up September 17

@radhyr thank you for the update and looking forward when yo...

WM for gaming content creators website

Hi @adel_chemi welcome to the community

11/30 Youth Project

@ekitzmiller thank you for sharing your report.

Join Your Organization / Project (2021)


Join Your Organization / Project (2021)


Join Your Organization / Project (2021)

Hi @ferdaguanno can you create a post and try tagging me

Ushahidi’s Pilot launch

@ushahidi this fantastic news. Excited to see the outcome.

Helping Minority Content Creators Monetize on the Web — Grant Report #3

This is exciting news!!

Web Monetization Payment Option For a Multi-Publisher Local News Hub — Grant Report #240

Interesting read, thank you for sharing.

Web Monetization For Independent Music — Grant Report #1

Hi @austinrobey thanks for sharing.

Hyperaudio for Conferences Pilot with MozFest - update

This is pretty cool, especially for someone like me who can't...

ValueFlows Software for Distributed Cooperative Economic Activity on the Open Web — Grant Report #1

Hi Eli, thank you for sharing!!

Gamedev.js Survey 2021: current state of the HTML5 game development report

This is great!!

Web Monetization on IPFS — Matters

Thank you for sharing!

Hard Drive Progress Report

Hi Jeremy, thank you for sharing, excited to see the work yo...