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Bringing Down a Mountain — Future Money Progress Grant Report #1

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From production: Dialogs recorded to cassette tapes as analog audio to be converted into digital audio again—a treatment to invoke the wide spectrum of tech access in the real world.

Project Update

Bringing Down a Mountain is a short docu-fiction film that was possible through the Future|Money Grant. The 13-minute film, made in India's Odia language, reimagines digital inclusion in a post-oppression Indian village, and it premiered at the Interledger Summit 2023 in Costa Rica. The film's production involves the use of solely Creative Commons-licensed media and a wide range of open-source software. A long-form poetry by noted Odia-language poet Bharat Majhi based on the original narrative story by Subhashish Panigrahi, who also directed the film, is voiced by Debadatta Pati and Monalisa Moharana.

Progress on Objectives (KPI’s) (progress on project)

  • July-August: Research on existing empirical studies about digital payments; Collection of success stories and learning from failure; Analysis of stories; Conversation with community/ies
  • August–September: Building docu-fiction film plot; Discussion with community storytellers (actors); Strengthening film plot
  • September–October: Film production (main shots and b-rolls; Translation; Subtitle creation)
  • October: Post-production (Video editing; Audio editing; Final subtitle creation); Creation of first-cut version of film; Recording of podcast (first part)
  • November: Premiere and exhibition at the ILP Summit — Feedback from Interledger grant team and ILP Summit participants; Recording of podcast (second part)

Short video (3-5 minutes) Describing the conceptual thought around the process.

What’s Next?

  • Submission to film festivals for competition and screening
  • Promoting on mainstream and social media
  • Submission to film critics
  • Search and submission for distribution

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