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Discussion on: Memex.Social β€” Grant Report #3, February 2021

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Oliver Sauter Author

Thanks Patrick for the encouragement!

I've had a look at your video and like how clean the process is to pay.
This week I also posted this article here on the forum, which may be useful to you too!
In particular if you're looking at some more community dynamics, I think that the "Staking based access" model could be interesting.

On constraints:
I think one constraint that I see is that you can't have multi-recipient payments yet. Imagine some of your users creating a shared collection and want to distribute the payment between the people who contributed to that collection the most, or you wanna charge a little fee of 10% to go to your platform for enabling the payments by users. I haven't been diving into this yet. Do you know if that is possible?

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Patrick Rahy

Hey Oliver! I read this article you did, it is great! Very helpful. The "staking based access" seems very interesting indeed. I love the idea of "non-oppressive social incentive to pay", it is something that we can use to guarantee openness on Kult.

We also had this same constraint regarding multi-recipient payments. We intend to allow co-curated galleries on Kult within the Grant period, but we don't know yet whether these galleries would be monetized, mainly because of this issue to distribute the revenue between the curators of a collaborative gallery.

As soon as we make progress on this matter, we will let you know :)