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Emerging Black Filmmakers to Watch

Through our program we were able to educate over 50 filmmakers about Web Monetization. We helped several filmmakers enable a payment pointer on their sites or video accounts. If you missed our tipping party and want to support these creators here are their direct links.

REAL MEN DON'T...: An exploration of modern manhood and masculinity.

REAL MEN DON'T... explores manhood and masculinity through society's taboos against male expressiveness. Funny, emotional and thoughtful, the film addresses many of the questions around the changing notions of what it means to be a man.

Director: Elton Loud

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Hide & Seek
A naughty kid finds a permanent hiding spot.

**Writer :Ajoke' Adebesin

Director: Mika Frank**

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Ten years have passed since Dena, a young widow living in a rough Atlanta neighborhood, lost her husband. She has struggled to balance life and deal with the mysterious illness her teenage Ren has been fighting to overcome. When Adriel, an injured man, suddenly shows up on her doorstep one evening, she is forced to face her truths, and the circumstances of her life, as she learns there is more beyond this world than what we can possibly see.

**Writer & Director: Yolanda T. Ross

Director: Ivan Mbakop**

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More to come :) !

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