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Help OlongoAfrica bring a classic memoir back to life: a Web Monetization Action Plan

OlongoAfrica is a member of the Brick House Cooperative, a group of nine publishers working on new models to protect speech rights and journalistic independence. OlongoAfrica's Founding Editor Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún is at work on an in-house book imprint, which will debut this summer with the classic Nigerian travel memoir, An African Abroad.

Everyone at the Brick House is beyond excited to kick off OlongoAfrica's fundraising for the new book imprint, starting right here at MozFest, through a fun Web Monetization experiment. We hope you'll stop by and tip this worthy project!

To participate, please make sure to click the link in the email you received with your MozFest ticket, to receive $10 of Mozfest tipping credits from Interledger/Coil!

Then visit the article at OlongoAfrica to learn more about the history of An African Abroad, which features movie stars, a bike ride thousands of miles long, trysts, courtroom drama and a handshake with Kruschchev. If you love this idea, like we do, please consider sending OlongoAfrica a tip! It's easy: just click the Coil icon at the top right of your browser and choose a tip amount.

All of us independent publishers at Brick House so appreciate your support of our colleagues at OlongoAfrica. Web Monetization is a brilliant way for any independent media provider to publicize worthwhile projects, and drum up interest and support--directly and independently between ourselves. Readers and publishers, listeners, viewers, artists and authors, all coming together outside the influence of corporate middlemen. We're very proud to be part of this groundbreaking movement.

Follow us at @brickhousecoop on Twitter, read us at, reach out at! and thank you for helping OlongoAfrica bring this lost treasure back to life!

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