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Discussion on: Live Streaming from Sweet Life Records — Grant Report #1

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Chris Lawrence

Really appreciate the honesty and sharing in this report. I am hoping that we can move WM from being a "crypto thing" and focus more on the core technology pieces that are agnostic to crypto. Do you have thoughts on how GftW can better promote the technology in a general way that avoids the tribalism?

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Kyle Ricketts Author

I think using a stable coin would help a lot. As far as I know, all of the WM payouts are in XRP. Being paid out with XRP is a risk for creators that aren't even tribalists. It is simply too volatile -- especially with the SEC concerns, to rely on it as a steady income stream. Sure the upside is that XRP price could go up, but isn't that just as bad as hoping people click on youtube ads? XRP or not, it is disheartening to see money you actually worked for (creating content and not just buy and hodl) be at the whim of a hyper speculative trading community.

Maybe even a toolkit native to Coil that automatically sells XRP payouts to whatever coin the creator wants? Is any of this possible or being worked on through Flare?