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Discussion on: Mini Report #2: Market Research - Reviewing the GLAM & Open Knowledge spaces for Monetization Methods

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Chris Lawrence

Good stuff. Micropayments are much newer/experimental than those other revenue models. And I agree that a healthy and sustainable non-profit will have a bouquet of funding streams. But I am curious how you all might help grow the use of micropayments. Where do those work best? What motivates users? What smaller overhead costs might it help pay? Are micropayments a potential way to raise unrestricted/operational funds? How might a fundraising campaign leverage micropayments?

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Christian Dawson

Chris, I'm so glad you asked. In our next mini-report, we plan on providing our thoughts there. The challenge we have had so far, and we'd love help from this community on this one, is finding strong analogues in this space for the use of micropayments on a nonprofit platform in ways that provide us with a clear model for the best ways to model out usage on both the operations side and the content creation incentive side. We have some pretty good examples in the for-profit world. but little in our space. At the moment, I'm forecasting that we will pursue a method that focuses on using mocropayments to incentivize content, with a percentage set aside to cover smaller overhead costs, but I'm having a tougher time finding examples that would show us a path forward on unrestricted/operational funds.