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Discussion on: Setting Up a Wallet for a Community

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Chris Lawrence

Hi, @steve_g I love that you are here, when we can safely do it, we should meet up in the city. Hive NYC connections always abound! My colleagues gave the suggestions I would have, but I will also mention that this community is built using's Forem tool that allows for individual contributors to add their payment pointers to a post (do you have yours connected?) This then creates a community platform that easily integrates shared web monetization. Let me know if you would like to learn more.

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Steve Goss

Ha! Hive NYC continues to have impact on everything I do. Such a great experience. And yes, we should definitely meetup when things are better in the city. What you're describing may be what we're looking for, which is the ability for individual members of the community to benefit directly from their posts. We've just starting focusing on the payment aspect, as this project started from scratch, so getting a web presence going and the community together has been where we've been working from. The question that we're currently exploring, now that we're looking at monetization, is whether the funds go directly to those community members who produce content or to the community collaborative that's driving the content being produced, supporting the sustainability of the content and the collaborative. It's the second aspect that we're trying to understand what may be possible, although tips on the first have been really useful for our thinking. So thoughts on either are appreciated.