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Discussion on: Web Monetization Payment Option For a Multi-Publisher Local News Hub — Grant Report #240

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Chris Lawrence

@newsatomic This is a great post/update and you are hitting some useful and common pain points. You are right that some of the limitations of Coil as currently constituted are problematic. And the user onboarding is complex. This is why we are driving this with philanthropy at this stage and working in the open. The work you and others are doing is helping to point to what needs to evolve and be funded next. You are positioning yourself well now to be ready and understand when some of these issues are solved. We will help Coil communicate to this community when they have development updates, we are working to fund projects that have alternative models, and we crafting future CFP's that address the learnings we are all sharing. What can GftW do better to link you all to each other more?