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Discussion on: How much money have you made through Web Monetization?

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Chris Lawrence Author

With a payment pointer connected to my GftW posts and my profile only I have made $2.70 since June 1st. This is basically our Weekly Round-Ups. We tweet it and push to Linked In. But thats a decent return. Basically its because almost everyone who uses this forum is Web Monetized. It shows what might be possible if their are enough users. Also how do we build other community projects where peer Web Monetization is the norm.

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I haven't check all grantees' projects yet, but do we have projects that focus on transitioning a community to adopt peer Web Monetization norm, Chris?

I think this is a human problem and probably the more difficult aspect of Web Monetization to solve than the tech related problems. Outside WM community I do think non-crypto savvy communities would be hard to convince in adopting Web Monetization. I would be interested if there are in-depth grant reports that focus on tackling this issue.