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CLink Marketplace with C2PA authentication

Dear All,

Following theĀ C2PA AnnouncementĀ today CLink has announced a case study of its Marketplace using C2PA authentication. Besides the C2PA implementation, the CLink Marketplace offers other unique features such as rights declaration and transfer (license); publicly accessible ledger for parties, creations, rights and rights transaction; the combination of persistent, cryptographic, and perceptual identifiers; archive to name the most relevant ones.Ā 
In addition to theĀ C2PA specification,Ā the marketplace relies on the following ISO standards: JUMBF (ISO 19566), ISNI (ISO 27729), WARC (ISO28500), part of DOI (for Handles) (ISO 26324), and utilizing ISCC (ISO/TC 46/SC 9/WG18).Ā 
The Marketplace is using theĀ LCC metadata and identifier framework. The LCC model (orĀ itsĀ forerunnersĀ indecsĀ and COA) helpedĀ frameĀ standardĀ schemas forĀ DOI,Ā ONIX,Ā EIDR,Ā DDEXĀ andĀ PLUSĀ and commercial implementations.
You can see the announcement post containing explainers for the highlighted featuresĀ here. The Marketplace will be opened forĀ private betaĀ this year. ILP is the target primary payment system.
Any comments, feedbacks are greatly appreciated.
Note: The Marketplace has a forensic level UX for metadata. For example, you can see JUMBF boxes atĀĀ (the content of the linked page loads in multiple steps showing the progressive levels of the UX).

Best regards

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