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Discussion on: Setting Up a Wallet for a Community

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Desigan CHINNIAH • Edited

I believe that that is correct with regards individual contributor wallets.

However, I would advise to open an issue or ask a Wordpress question directly to the team, @steve_g .

Any other suggestions @marcperel ?

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Marc Perel

Just picking up on this, @steve_g the WordPress plugin has one main
wallet link, not per-author or per-contributor links.

If this is something that you require, we can look into how we implement it, it's certainly within the realms of possibility.

Let me know your thoughts.

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Steve Goss

Thanks for this response. This is really helpful and it may be that we'd like to explore this further. We're currently exploring as to whether the monetization of content would go to the greater good of the community or to the individual producers. We're leaning towards the community model. As we get more clarity, I'll be sure to share. Also, if anyone has any examples of using monetization to sustain community work, I'd love to learn more.