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Zachary Schenkler
Zachary Schenkler

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Excited to envision the future


I've recently embarked on a new startup journey to bring to life something which has been a life long passion.

In 2005 I built an early social commerce platform, and since then it has been an overriding mantra, and focus, to empower humanity with the tools, and capabilities to take control of their potential, creations, networks, businesses, word-of-mouth, advertising, social, and general physical, digital and virtual footprints as monetization, equitable exchange and direct relationships increase qualities of life. Since then, the world has vastly evolved, at warp speeds that traverse ecosystems faster than innovation can keep pace.

Let's envision a new paradigm for managing identities and data across any chain, any environment, any location, any application, metaverse or platform. Let's wrap this in open, secure communications, and give it commerce, payments, speed, ubiquitousness, social, and incredibly educational interface experiences that drive web2-to-3 and beyond.

Every dollar we spend, or make is a decision on how we want to see the world work.

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