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Discussion on: Slow Payment Process with Coil. UX Improvement possible?

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Denisa Reshef Kera

Few times I actually lost patience waiting for the confirmation & simply left the page but it actually did work out with some delay... I use PayTrackr v0.2.4 to follow the payments so I was actually surprised to pages paid that the Coil extension dialogue didn't indicate... not certain what this Coil extension dialogue does on the background, waits for monetizationprogress? or monetizationstart? I agree that feedback for the visitor needs to improve. I'm also still confused about the small counter when it shows what I pay x what is paid on the page, and I'm still trying to understand the continuous x unlocking type or payments....

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Oliver Sauter Author

Yeah it just won't go away until a very long time after. last time it was 4.5 minutes(!) on a page here in the forum.

And yes, in the background it apparently always works, as I get the confirmation that it worked via email.