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Micropayments | The Ultimate Method to Monetize Content


The digital panorama has transformed advertisement at all scales. And the way publishers monetize content evolves at the same pace, being micropayments their most reliable ally.

The classic advertising formulas don’t have the same effectiveness as years ago. The personalized material is at the forefront of marketing; everything indicates it will remain there, unbeatable.

According to Forbes, 49% of users disregard content because of bombarding advertisements. On the other hand, 36% of users are more likely to buy thanks to the customized offers.

In other words, the traditional advertising and subscription strategies aren’t enough to satisfy the modern market. But luckily, there’s another path for publishers.

Micropayments | A Cutting-Edge Dynamic

These transactions follow a principle: netizens pay what they want, including articles, videos, or podcasts, instead of choosing monthly or annual subscriptions. This way, they access more affordable pieces while creators can offer more attractive fees without risking investment.

Thanks to the lower costs, the articles can produce more engagement. So if you’re a creator aiming to monetize your content, probabilities are on your side.

According to Finextra, this is the best alternative to traditional pricing models. Such procedure was always played a role in the market, but it has become a global trend in the last years.

Numerous tech giants, such as Youtube, Amazon, and Facebook, offer reduced plans for selected privileges. Also, charities utilize them to collect contributions for their causes.

Although this trend isn’t so new, there was an event that proved the potential of micropayments:

The Arrival of Blockchain

Amidst the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto would create Bitcoin, the most successful cryptocurrency nowadays. Such an event would provoke the rise of the largest shared network for cryptocurrencies: Blockchain.

This matrix provides both consumers and publishers with a decentralized system to make transactions. There, every payment is confirmed by validated users worldwide, eradicating chances of fraud.

Since its arrival, it has become the safest channel to pay creative work, make contributions, and avoid scams, among other benefits. As a result, this network is today the most secure to perform and receive payments globally.


Creative marketers at all levels are adopting this financial model due to its effectiveness, reliability, and sustainability. The reason is simple: this method disposes of more benefits for both parties.

Such benefits include, but not limited to:

  • Convenience. Neither bombarding advertisements nor personal bank accounts. Neither complicated payment methods nor unclear instructions. Consumers only need to pay a small fee to access the publishers’ material.

  • Quickness. A transaction with a cryptocurrency delays seconds. And everyone can make it directly by phone or computer.

  • Privacy. Blockchain is confidential, and its users are anonymous. Every movement is encrypted, which means your sensitive data and operations are safe.

  • Security. Since the system isn’t centralized, a hacker would have to trace and hack every single block in the chain –virtually impossible.

The micropayments through Blockchain are becoming a milestone of the modern marketing environment. This procedure allows publishers to take their work to unimaginable scales, promising to keep this pace for a long time. And if you look to monetize your articles, you should consider using them in your strategy.

At Infinite Labs, we are developing a micropayment solution: moncon. If you want more information, visit our website or send us an email to Thanks for reading!

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