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Documento β€” Grant Report #1 (Final)



Project Update

The project has been completed.

The project can be accessed at:

Source code

Web UI

Backend API

Progress on objectives

The project was an extension of the hackathon submission and proposed certain objectives, explained in detail here. Progress has been timely, and no major hiccups came in the middle.

Key activities

As mentioned in the other blog, there were three key features we aimed to complete:

  1. Branch-specific push βœ…
  2. Support for multiple pointers βœ…
  3. Customizable preview for READMEs βœ…

Communications and marketing

The project has only been discussed through DEV and this web monetization community, for now.

What’s next?

With the project completed, we would request further ideas from the community on how to take the project further. For us, it was more of an attempt to explore the technology and present a possible use case for the extended developer community.

What community support would benefit your project?

As mentioned, probably ideas on how to extend the project, or possible integrations with other projects in the future would be beneficial going forward.

Additional comments

Thanks for believing and funding the project. We thoroughly believe in the future of technology and hope the project would serve as a baby step in the longer game.

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