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Discussion on: Akita — Grant Report #1

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Thanks Chris 🙂. We've been thinking about this a little bit and here are some of our thoughts and questions for you:

  • We like the idea of hosting some events that are easy to join and participate in, that could expose people to WM. Maybe something like a video call or a live stream where we talk a bit (and walk through the aWMS tutorial) and people can ask questions.
  • What outreach and education materials does the Grant currently use and promote? (We're familiar with,,,... but we're wondering if there's any materials directed at people outside the WM community)
  • What is the Grant's vision for how those materials will evolve over time?

we'd love to have a video call and chat in real time at some point so we can throw some ideas around.

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Chris Lawrence

We will schedule some time to discuss soon!