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Webaverse Grant Report

Project Update

Webaverse is a browser-based game engine that frees users/creators to enjoy their very own metaverse without any of the overhead of expensive equipment or proprietary toolsets. One of our goals for this project was to create tighter integrations with the decentralized web. So, in service of that aim we developed a system that not only allows users to login with their wallets and access their NFTs from within the game engine, it enables them to simply drag and drop files into the browser to both mint and utilize NFTs in the metaverse as well.

Each NFT in Webaverse is tagged with its own contentId, ownerAddress and pointer. We further expanded our project by integrating our sidechain with the discord bot which makes it even easier for users to join us; with just a single command.


Our primary objective is to promote web monetization through a browser-based metaverse game engine. This platform will enable creators and NFT-holders to buy and sell their content with micro-payments.

Our proposed deliverables included creating a library to load any kind of content into the Webaverse so that creators could monetize said content. To that end, we developed a metaverse loading library we call Totum. This library triggers an event upon the loading of an NFT, which is then captured by our monetization service and then implements web-monetization using Cali. We also keep the micro-receipts captured by our platform safe as analytical data for the backend.

Key Activities

We developed a highly sophisticated and state of the art metaverse loader to capture all types of digital content and deliver them into our Webaverse as well as a monetization service that monitors the metaverse loader (Totum) for micro-transactions.

Metaverse Loader (Totum)

Monetisation Service (capture events from Totum)

What’s next?

We are launching our product on the 22nd of December, which will attract a lot of blockchain & metaverse enthusiasts growing our already booming community.

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