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Badlucky escaped!

Creating games to promote the js13kGames competition started in 2014 when Triskaidekaphobia was released. Many years later, in 2021, we were celebrating tenth edition anniversary with Triska Reloaded, and now it’s time to mark the thirteenth edition with Badlucky level in the Flood Escape game.

Flood Escape is our (Enclave Games) game created in 2017 which is getting regular updates - since the inception we’ve added five extra levels on top of the basic three. This means the new Badlucky level is the ninth one that landed in the game in the past seven years.

Badlucky level in Flood Escape

You can unlock the new level by playing the game and collecting coins, or use the cheat code and jump directly into action:

This level is clearly inspired by Triska Reloaded, but adjusted to the style and gameplay of Flood Escape - check it out and let us know if you like it!

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