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Collecting data for Gamedev.js Survey 2023

The third yearly edition of Gamedev.js Survey is open for a week now, and will close next week, on Friday December 22nd - if you haven’t filled the form yet, please do so!

As you can see we’re running this late, since the two past editions were conducted in February-March. Plus they ran for an entire month, while this one it only two weeks. Still, there was a risk we’d miss the whole year and end up with a blank spot for 2023, so I guess it’s better late than never.

The new approach this year is a pre-survey ask for help updating the questions, which the community answered. We had multiple Pull Requests on GitHub with valuable additions, which we then rewarded. It all wouldn’t be possible without this year’s partner: we had support from Grant for the Web in 2021, OP Games in 2022, and 2023 was saved by Poki, for which we’re incredibly grateful.

We’re planning to release raw data on GitHub before the end of this year, and publish a full report at the beginning of 2024. Make sure to fill the form, since the more answers we collect the better from the statistical point of view. If you did that already - thank you!

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