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Countdown to js13kGames 2022

This year’s countdown to js13kGames, the online competition for Web Game Developers running yearly since 2012, is starting exactly two months before August 13th.

Comparing that to recent years (April 30th in 2019, June 26th in 2020, and July 13th in 2021), it seems this one is right in the middle.

The 2022 edition will be our eleventh (!) already, which I think is quite impressive on its own. We do have plenty in store for this year, as we aim to improve the overall experience every single time, but since many of the new things are not yet confirmed we’ll wait with the official announcements till they are.

Is there going to be a Web Monetization category this year again? Maybe.

We need your help!

This doesn’t mean you can’t help already! As every year, we are open to welcome new experts, judges, prizes, categories, partners , and everyone who would like to help make the competition better , promote it though their communities and introduce new folks to our wonderful bunch, and a lot more. If you can assist with any of the above, please reach out - thanks!

Ps. Interested in being up-to-date with everything that’s coming? Make sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Slack channel.

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