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Enclave Games Monthly Report: December 2023

December is traditionally rather slow, but we’ve managed to conduct (a shortened) Gamedev.js Survey 2023, even including a warm-up week, so that’s a second pretty decent month in a row.


I hope I won’t be needing to remove this section soon due to inactivity.


The usual amount of blog posts.


Ewa completed shipping js13kGames t-shirts in the first days of the month.

js13kGames selfies

The photo gallery on Facebook is starting to receive pictures from happy folks getting their packages already.


No, nothing.


The Gamedev.js Survey 2023 was prepared, launched, and conducted all in December, even including a week for getting feedback about questions and answers on GitHub.

Gamedev.js Survey 2023

The Survey this year was shortened from a whole month to only two weeks in an effort to squeeze it in before Christmas, but we still managed to get a record number of surveys. This year’s effort was supported by Poki.

Grid Studio frames

I’ve published Sentimental blast from the past with Grid going through the history of a framed iPhone 4, NES controller, and A5X chip dipped in resin.

Our Gamedev.js Discord, usually almost empty outside of the time Gamedev.js Jam happens, had three channels created recently:

  • sizecoding for code-golfing folks, managed by Frank Force
  • excalibur handled by Erik Onarheim who is the author of this game engine
  • moddio multiplayer game platform, with Jaeyun Noh and their community joining

Plans for the next month

Announce a cool freelance thing I will be doing around Phaser.

Start reaching out to potential partners and sponsors of the upcoming Gamedev.js Jam 2024 in April.

Try doing something about that empty Games section.

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