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Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter gets… a new website!

Right after getting a new mobile template, the Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter got a brand new website, which is now a bit more than just a single landing page.

It’s funny that when I posted about the mobile template literally two weeks ago, the idea of having a new website with all the issues listed on it had at least five or six years, with the complete design being ready for two. I even joked about it in that recent blog post:

(Adding the mobile template) was always connected to the plan of redesigning the website and putting newsletter’s content on it. This never happened, even though the designs are ready. It’s not the legendary “new js13kGames backend” kind of story, but it’s slowly getting there.

Gamedev.js Weekly: old vs new website

And now here we are, with the new site live already thanks to Ewa (design) and Michał (coding). I know it’s really simple, but nicely implemented at the same time: the sources (using Astro ) are on GitHub, including the code responsible for pulling (and caching) all the issues from Mailchimp , building them into an archive and deploying on Cloudflare. All that done automatically (with a little help from Hookdeck ) whenever I send a new newsletter issue!

It’s finally DONE, I can cross it off Enclave’s big TODO list and move on.

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