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Web Monetization category with Coil in js13kGames 2022!

We’re happy to officially announce the fourth year of the Web Monetization category in the js13kGames competition, along with $1300 cash up for grabs by the best participating entries!

The very first edition in 2019 was organized with Coil’s support directly, the 2020 and 2021 editions were part of the Grant for the Web program, and now we’re back to Coil again. The good news are we can still offer the same cash prizes as last time - $1300 total for top10 entries :

  • 1st place: $600
  • 2nd place: $300
  • 3rd place: $150
  • 4th place: $75
  • 5th place: $50
  • 6th-10th places: $25

Beside the monetary benefits, we’re also giving away Coil swag packs (including t-shirt, power bank, and winner pin) to top5 best entries in the category, and all participants will also get $10 in tipping credit for building with Coil and 6 months of Coil membership.

Some project ideas:

  • Sell power-ups or features for users that tip using the Coil extension (a blog post about tipping and how to detect tip events will be up by Aug 15)
  • Unlock premium features for Web Monetized users
  • Remove ads for web monetized users
  • Show additional UI components
  • And any other idea that users the concept of Streaming Payments or One-off (tip) payments

In need of more inspiration? Make sure to check the past Web Monetization category entries from 2019, 2020, and 2021! Keep in mind every single game’s source code is openly available on GitHub, so you can dive into it directly. Check out the category Rules and join the fun!

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