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Discussion on: Helping Minority Content Creators Monetize on the Web — Grant Report #4

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What a great final report, Rashon! Glad the grant and your involvement in the community have been so rewarding 😍 Congrats on the launch and success of The BEST Live Show. Can't wait to see the first episode of Grant Henderson’s Winners of the Weekend!

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Rashon Massey Author

Thank you, Erika!!! I actually forgot to include a link to an 11min highlight select from the first dress rehearsal of Winners of the Weekend. I just made an edit to the post, but in case you haven't seen it, here is a link ! I'll make sure to promote and share links to the official live first show. It's awesome because just within his network, theres already an average viewing and participating audience of 25-30 people who LOVE chiming in and participating. So looking forward to sharing and producing more of these shows!