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Discussion on: Substation β€” Grant Report #1

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I appreciate this candid and honest report, Jesse. This year has been tough, and I remain in awe of grantees like yourself who managed to make progress on your projects, in spite of all the obstacles 2020 has thrown up.

What's particularly exciting about your project is your exploration of new organizational models that build on the open and ethical practices from your earlier non-profit and self-organized work. I hope other grantees take you up on your offer to connect on this topic, since changing exploitative business models is such an important driver of Grant for the Web.

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Jesse von Doom Author

Happy to spend a little time writing about that, specifically, if you think it'd be good here. I didn't want to drift the topic too far in a grant report, but there's a lot there I think matters in this context.

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Chris Lawrence

I think general posts on here about these topics would be excellent. There are many projects looking at how to build with ethics and human-centered approaches. There is even an emerging community in the music space with yourselves and projects like @FMA Amled and stuff populating on the #music hashtag