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Discussion on: β€” Grant Report 1

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@stacco this is an outstanding progress report! I feel like I need to sit down with a cup of tea and really take the time to absorb everything you've shared β˜• The DisCO project is fascinating – especially your extended team's pursuit of "radically democratic economies". I love how you're thinking about Web Monetization and the Interledger protocol as tools to support power-building based on feminist/social justice principles.

I'm quite curious about the blindspots you've encountered so far and would love to hear more.

Also, I just need to mention the artwork from the latest version of the Seven DisCO Principles...fantastic! 😍

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Chris Lawrence

I agree with @erikad great work. I am curious if you have considered Web Monetizing some of these resources? The payment pointer could be a charity even if you weren't yet sure how you wanted to account for income.

I am also curious about these blindspots. It is clear that this technology and its's social applications still has a lot to learn. I do see how your frameworks and documentation provide rich guides for doing this well together.