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Fernando Almiñana
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Wallet Guru — ILP Summit Reflections


I'm Fernando Almiñana, from Venezuela and co-founder of Wallet Guru, a US fintech specializing in providing digital currency payment solutions for utility companies in Latin America. I attended the Summit along with Emilio Rubio, the company's founder. As newly awarded grantees, we wanted to get to know the ILP team along with the other cohort members and present our new project called Paystreme.

Key highlights about your participation at the Summit

Meeting the ILP team and its community was one of the most important highlights of the trip. Having the chance to interact with those responsible for leading and developing the ILP and propagating its use worldwide was humbling and inspiring. It will surely allow us to progress faster in achieving our goals with Interledger and its adoption in Latin America and beyond.

Another important highlight of the trip was having the opportunity to showcase our project, Paystreme, during the first day of the Summit. Being able to validate the idea conceptually and technically allowed us to fast-track our design process and fine-tune key areas of the business model.

We truly value all the information and feedback received during these days, as well as the relationships that were formed. The ILP Community not only took time out of their busy schedules to put together this event, but also created an environment of extreme insightfulness and dedication to all their guests.

Key takeaways from the Summit

Having the opportunity to get a feel of the current state of the Interledger ecosystem and where it's headed with future developments such as Rafiki, Dassie, and payment pointers allowed us to validate our team's vision: now is the time to build on ILP. The Foundation, its developers, and other stakeholders are setting the grounds to transform an idea into an innovation. We are very excited to join the ILP community in this earth-changing undertaking and look forward to building a solution that solves real-world problems and be leaders in pushing forward financial inclusion.

We want to thank the ILP Foundation for inviting us to the 2022 New Orleans Summit and allowing us to share Paystreme with the community. We hope to be able to attend future events and look forward to this journey as a community.

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