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Web Monetization missing on Wiki: Let us change that in an editathon

When I was writing my last post about peer education and monetization of educational content, I noticed that Wiki does not include content on Web Monetization. So, I thought the 'metamonetization' editathon could serve both communities.

The process is simple:

  1. Create content for the relevant Wiki page (see below).
  2. Publish it elsewhere.
  3. Submit the link on the Reward Board.

You can also:

  • get inspired by looking at an awesome list by thomasbnt
  • publish your content on a Web-monetized platform
  • include a ko-fi button for editathon or community prize donations.
  • publish your content directly on Wiki instead of leaving that on others - just be sure to submit the link to the Reward board.
  • announce and organize virtual meetups in the pages' Hypothesis annotations.

The editathon starts today, Nov 17, 2022, and ends on Nov 30, 2022. Afterward, I will map the content relevant for web-monetization on Anagora and distribute a total of 1000 USD to the most prolific, quality, and helpful authors via ko-fi. I plan to continue to support the vision less intensely afterward.

Some of the needed articles to edit are:

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