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James Casia for FlipToons

Posted on is LIVE!! is now live! Well, Fliptoons went live last November 3 but we didn't feel that it was good enough to share here. Back then, there was still a ton of bugs to fix and features not implemented.
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Today marks the day we're finally done with most of the code work!! It sure is difficult shuffling school work(good thing we're on our last year) with building Fliptoons and maintaining our community but we were able to get through all of it. We're quite happy with the results and feedback we're getting from readers and comic creators. We are at 200 unique users, and 25 comic uploads and counting!

The Web Monetized Comic Challenge is well underway and will conclude this December 13th! For those who don't know, the Web Monetized Comic Challenge is a comic creation competition open to Filipinos. It also awards comic shorts that give light on the problems with the web's current business models and how Web Monetization helps solve them. Make sure to check it out and view our top entries!

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