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Gabrielle Deculus

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Gabrielle Deculus - Travel Grant Report


Hey! Im Gabrielle Deculus, but you can call me Gabbi! I am a Marketing Strategist that works with ILP Grantee, Snake Nation based in Cape Town, South Africa and Atlanta, Georgia. I flew in from Cape Town to attend the Summit and speak on a dynamic panel with Snake Nation CEO, Karl Carter.


My contribution and participation was centered in using my marketing lens and creative business experience to discuss monetization, wallets, NFTs, and other topics related to how Africa can increase their access to funds and open payment systems.


My biggest takeaway is that there's lots of work to do. I really enjoyed the presentation about Pathways to open payment systems in Africa by DFS Lab.


I shared my experience with my followers on social media and had deeper discussions with the Snake Nation community.

Next Steps

My next steps are simply applying several new ideas to what I work on daily for myself and my clients.

Thank you for the opportunity to attend and speak.

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