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Discussion on: Sustainable Funding Series — Grant Report #1

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Hi Erica!

Obviously I've loved being a part of your Grant for the Web project! I've learnt so much from you already and have obviously been very keen to help you where I can.

I can't remember if we spoke about it in our interview, it might not have been ready, but now has Gated Content where creators can specify XRP amounts that unlock the content just for that consumer... this might be a viable form of sustainable funding for your story tellers. Both the image and text is blurred so creators could bury private links to other content in the text and use gFam as the gateway between paying consumers and content creators.

Personally I think the explainer video that MG.Social has on its site and Cinnamon channel is a fantastic resource for web monetization... and Vivid Labs has been collecting resources and creating a video platform to be owned by the community.

Personally I think the most important thing to include in a course about web monetization is the why... why should people care more about not consuming content for "free".

Thank you so much for all the effort you've put into our platforms already and everything you've done for the community thus far. We super appreciate it!