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Discussion on: Who's in scope?

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Hi Ciaran!

One group we've specifically targeted through our own project are people in the Fitness industry. Gym owners, personal trainers, group class teachers, coaches, etc who were obviously hit hard by lockdowns and the pandemic and have had to scramble to take their previously in-person work online.

These people tend to have a lot of knowledge, have studied a lot and can create really valuable content - that they may end up giving away for free on social media in order to attract online clients. Many have resorted to trying to build up a huge audience in the hopes for brand deals for products that hopefully align their business (which means they have to broker deals, create specific content, chase invoices, etc).

Defining what is or isn't work online is a tough question... I'd say it's anything that provides value to others.

Hope that helps! Happy to chat further if you need.

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Victoria Baines Author

Thanks @gfam !