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Discussion on: Why Design Publishing Needs Web3

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graeme Author

Hi Maria @mariabustillos, I've just been learning about your project with Brick House Cooperative, and glad you shared it as I wasn't aware of ownership issues with ebooks.

Initially I thought it was about rental services like Prime Reading, but was surprised it applies to ebooks we purchase too (after reading here):

E-book consumers, when they click β€œbuy” on Amazon, aren’t really buying anything; from a technical, legal standpoint, they are only paying a licensing fee to access a book’s contents.

I'm still learning about the issue, but it fits in really well with what we're covering on Prototypr, so I'll cover it in one of the future newsletters! Content ownership is something I'll be looking a lot more into in the mid/latter stages of our GFtW project, so look forward to sharing learnings with you!

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Maria Bustillos

I have unlimited time and energy for digital ownership!!!

Thanks Graeme!!! Looking forward to connecting on these issues.