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External Round-Up Post! (August 6, 2021)

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We are doing a two-part round up this week! The second edition looks at recent activity across the community. (See part 1)

Want to write a Round-Up? We are always looking for people to take the wheel. Reach out if you are interested.

How to win friends and influence people with Web Monetization!

Community member Veethika published a great blog on Prototypr that gives introduces people to Web Monetization and shares her thoughts as it relates to design. This article is a fantastic addition to the growing library of writing on this emerging technology.

Memex is growing!

We love seeing projects continue to grow after their grant funded projects end. Oliver Sauter shares on some recent investment news and announces he is hiring

Snake Nation goes Venom!

Recent awardee Snake Nation blogs a great update where they discuss their current Beta of a digital token called Venom (VNM) on the Stellar blockchain. They also talk about their ILP integration and the overall all glorious purpose of the work.

Victoria is looking for creative guidance

New community member Victoria Coker sees a big opportunity to educate Black creators about alternative web monetization. She asks if anyone is interested in chatting about their creative platforms to her audience. Is that you?

Web Monetization Category open for js13kGames 2021

Cash prizes in this category. Indie gamers can't miss this!

Projects wrapping up #1

Patrick from the Sentiers Newsletter shares his first report. He has built a process for Web Monetized archive for newsletters. This is an elegant and interesting prototype. Also he needs advice on using ProductHunt. Any experts out there?

Projects wrapping up #2

Catalina Goanta has been updating all of us on their fascinating research for months now. Here is their final report for Monetizing Philanthropy which wonderfully asks more questions than it answers. This is essential reading for all looking at Web Monetization use cases beyond commerce.

Header image is a Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

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