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How to join our "Future of Money" simulation game

On Thursday March 18, we'll be hosting our third and final session of the simulation game The Future of Money. Designed and facilitated by the creative teams at TechDirt, Copia Institute and Leveraged Play, this custom-built game uses strategy and role-playing to explore emerging methods of monetization. The first two sessions of the game have been great fun, and we want to ensure that everyone who wants to can participate.

The session is currently listed as full. Here's how to override that and join us!

1) Sign up for MozFest. Registration is pay-what-you-can (and "free" is an option).

2) Register for the session if there's space. If it's full, skip to step 3.

3) At 11:15 am Pacific / 2:15 pm Eastern / 7:15pm CET join the MozFest Spatial chat: We'll be in the room "Future of Money Game".

Hope to see you there!

PS - If you need another reason to sign up for MozFest, the recording of our Grant for the Web grantee roundtable session, Business models on the web are broken! Let's fix them. is now available to view here.

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