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Correcting Error 402 β€” Grant Report #1

Project Update

Correcting Error 402 is a content series exploring the concept of web monetization, and how very different the internet might look if web monetization was widely deployed. This will be posted on Techdirt (and freely shareable, repostable anywhere), starting with a look at how there was, from early on, an intent for web monetization to be a part of the world wide web, as is clear from the creation of HTTP response status code 402: β€œPayment required.” We had a rough start at the beginning of the year as we migrated our site over to WordPress and dealt with broken links, bugs, broken spam filters, etc. With that behind us, our researcher was able to dive in and explore the history of web monetization, what has failed in the past, what has potential today, and where there are real opportunities to create a better internet through web monetization.

Progress on objectives

Our objectives for producing blog posts on the Techdirt site are coming along well. Our writers are busy getting the posts finished and to our editor. Our design person is working on branding and messaging to go along with the blog posts.

Key activities

We have finished the research and interviews and continue to write up the posts.

Communications and marketing

We're working with our design person to come up with some branding and have told a few people about the project but have more work to do here.

What’s next?

We'll finish writing and editing the posts and get them ready for publication.

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