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Micrio: Ultra resolution Storytelling— Grant Report #2

Project Update

Since we started quite early in de GftW-program, we had most of the work done in the beginning of January, also see our last Grant report.

Since our team works at a project agency, Grant for the Web was also set up as a project with a dedicated team for an amount of time. We found it hard to keep up with the Grant for the Web community while we were already working on other projects. Although we just found out that there are highlight posts in this community, which is quite helpful!

Progress on objectives

We had 3 goals for this project,


Giving content creators a risk-free platform to publish ultra-resolution storytelling and monetize it;

This is almost done. We've done research into this and found out that the current state of Web Monetization does not fully align with the monetization vision for Micrio. Although it still could work in the future at a more mature state.

Still to do is to find out if there is a client of Micrio that likes to experiment with adding Web Monetization to their project.


Providing the development community with an open source library to provide risk-free publishing and monetization in other domains;

This is done. We deviated somewhat from this goal while learning & playing around with Web Monetization, see our last report.


Improve Web Monetization technology by actively joining the discussion and development with a real-world case.

This is done. The research into this is mainly summarised in our post about API spec suggestions

Key activities

See our last report. Nothing to add into this since then.

Communications and marketing

We gave a talk about monetizing content and Grant for the Web on a remote meetup, organized by a front-end agency in the Netherlands. It can be seen here:

What’s next?

We are going to talk with the product manager of the platform Micrio if there is a client that likes to try out monetizing their project.

Also we are planning to write a blogpost on our engineering blog about monetizing content & Grant for the Web. Mainly based on the talk given on the meetup.

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