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Helping Small Businesses Adopt Web Monetization β€” MozFest 2022 Web Monetization Action Plan

Project Description

I am very excited to be attending MozFest 2022! As a participant, I am looking to connect with others to discuss the amazing benefits and potentials for both content creators and small business owners to adopt web monetization.

About my Grant for the Web funded project:
Serving as a case study and roadmap for other online small business retailers, this project seeks to use Web Monetization as a vehicle for driving the potentiality of new/existing customers of to exclusive online content, while also opening a pathway to growing a Web Monetized online community.

MICOPEIA is an online wellness brand that relies heavily on education and community engagement in order to sell products. This project will help introduce and engage customers with Web Monetization by building an entirely new Web Monetized website using the Wordpress Coil Web Monetization plugin, to offer evergreen herbalism webinars, educational courses and exclusive content. This project will offer free trial Coil subscriptions to new users to build MICOPEIA’s unique Web Monetized community.

Web Monetized Resources at MozFest

Ways in Which I Am Web Monetizing These Resources

As a content creator and small business owner, the supplemental wellness education that I provide has become both a driver of new customers, as well as a retention tool for active customers in between their purchases. While I am building a completely new web monetized website via Wordpress and the Coil-plugin, I am currently utilizing web monetization on my website (, YouTube channel (@micopeia) and on Cinnamon Video. In time, as a value proposition, customers of will receive free trial memberships to Coil, allowing them access to my new web monetized website; however, for current Coil subscribers, you can visit my existing website, YouTube and Cinnamon channels to engage with the content I have been building thus far.

Copy for a Tweet About My Web Monetized Resources at MozFest

We’re sipping all of the tea & exploring herbal wellness hacks with @GrantForTheWeb grantee & small business @micopeia! This #MozFest, treat yourself to wellness while using #WebMonetization & discover educational content that may help boost your health! HTTPS://

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