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EOI Alert: Seeking Projects for Summer Internship

Bowie State University is seeking to connect its students with the Interledger community in various technical and non-technical roles, via an internship program.

The goal is for HBCU students to contribute to open-source, open-protocol, and open-payment projects via micro-internships to develop and enhance their skill sets, primarily during the summer. Exposure to these projects, we anticipate will help students understand the benefits of open protocols, open-source projects, collaboration with global teams, and opportunities to apply and enhance their knowledge.

Kindly let us know, by completing this Google Form, if your project/company would be interested in participating in this opportunity.

Dr. Andrew Mangle, Associate Professor at Bowie State University will support the students with onboarding, mentoring, technical support, and general assistance as he understands some students will not have experience working with specific project tools or global firms. Dr. Mangle will serve as an additional layer of support for participants. Furthermore, he will actively seek students for placement opportunities and communicate directly with all interested participants.

Multiple incentives for students beyond the project experience, including mentoring, stipends, and Interledger Summit participation, are currently being planned. Participating community members may support students through additional methods, including training and funding, but these additions are neither required nor requested.

Should you have questions or queries regarding the opportunity, you may reach us directly at or state the same in the slot provided in the Google form.

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I think this is great!