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ILF (GftW) past & current grantees, showcase your project @ #ILPSummit23!

Interledger Foundation will bring together its community members to connect face-to-face and showcase work being done in the financial inclusion and open payments space at its Summit in San Jose, Costa Rica, this November.

The 2023 ILP Summit will be convened under the theme "Ecosystems for Growth", where we'll celebrate the following sub-themes: Community, Inclusion, and Open Tech.

We are seeking current and past grant awardees with an interest in exhibiting and showcasing their project/company at the ILP Summit’s Welcome Reception on November 5th to apply for the β€œGrantee Showcase Summit Grant”.

Projects and innovations that focused on open payments, microtransactions, mobile money, Web Monetization, and enabling financial inclusion for women and countries in the Global South are invited to apply.

Selected grantees will receive airfare and accommodations to attend the Summit.

For more details on the #ILPSummit23 and how to secure a ticket, visit here.

The deadline to complete the application is Tuesday, August 15th.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, connect with us via

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