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Interledger Foundation hiring for three roles

The Interledger Foundation, the non-profit home of Grant for the Web, is growing! We are working towards a more equitable and creative global society through an open payments network that connects and benefits each human, regardless of identity, geography, or income. To advance this work, we're currently hiring for three new positions:

Community Manager: This person will engage, grow and support a diverse Interledger Community of Developers.

Senior Technical Writer: This person will develop and maintain a high standard for writing best practices across the Interledger organisation and help people across the Interledger ecosystem and the developer community to contribute to our documentation.

Junior Technical Writer: This person will help untangle and explain the Interledger and Web Monetization technologies and contribute to the organization’s successful growth.

We are a fully distributed team and we offer generous time off and comprehensive benefits. And, we're transparent about our salary range.

We seek mission-oriented, strategic, creative, and collaborative candidates who cares deeply about using the platform of the web to expand financial inclusion - please share this posting with your networks.

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