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Interledger on Campus | June 26 @ 10 am (EST)

Do you want to play a role in shaping the future leaders of financial services?

Here's my invitation for you to join me and a few leading education experts as we discuss how to inspire tomorrow's innovators to create a fairer, more equitable financial ecosystem for the future. This dynamic conversation will focus on empowering modern-day students to tackle digital financial inclusion and the careers and opportunities in this space.

Interledger on Campus represents our efforts in fostering university-level youth engagements to raise awareness around matters about digital financial systems and inclusion. This is further compounded by our recently launched Interledger-NextGen Higher Education program which seeks to collaborate with universities worldwide. Check out my recent blog post which speaks to both our vision about Interledger on Campus and the open call for letters of intent.

This event is part of the Interledger Salon online event series - bringing you the latest insights from experts in digital financial inclusion. I am pleased to introduce the esteemed panel who will join me on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, at 10:00 am (EST) to speak about Interledger on their respective campuses.

  • -- Dr. Andrew Mangle, Assistant Professor (Management Information Systems) at Maryland's oldest HBCU Bowie State University.
  • -- Carolyn Malachi, Professor of Audio Production, Cathy Hughes School of Communications at Howard University.
  • -- Dr. Allan Davids, Senior Lecturer (Economics), School of Economics, at the University of Cape Town.

This event will be live-streamed and available for viewing via the ILF's LinkedIn and YouTube platforms. The recording of the event will then be made available on the Future|Money Podcast.

Secure your spot by registering here or simply share the details with your network.

Looking forward to having you join the Interledger on Campus dialogue.

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