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Meeting Minutes and Recordings from Interledger Community Call - 11 January 2023

Hello everyone!

Thank you for joining the January Interledger Community call. Below is a recap of our January 11th, 2023, Interledger Community Call with Meeting minutes and recordings.

For those new to our community, ILF stands for Interledger Foundation. We are a community of technologists, digital creatives, researchers, entrepreneurs, and educators working to build new pathways to financial inclusion and equity through digital transactions.

== ILF Updates ==
– Bringing in more people into the ILF Staff in Communication space, Development space, and Program Management.
– Fully onboarded the Breakpoint team - working on the Testnet - rough Architecture - designing interfaces ongoing
– Longer shareout on Testnet next month
– Active year for the Programs Team - New Grant Opportunities, Next steps with our current cohort of FinServ Grantees - phase 2.
– Social media #techtuesdays - technology updates from the ILF ecosystem; If you would like to share any of the milestones or technology updates that would be of value to the broader community, let the ILF staff know. :-)

== Testnet ==
– Longer presentation next month
– finished hiring - 5 people team: Timea Nagy, Dragos Palade, Radu Popa, Beni, and, Rico Gonzalez.

– Test playground for Rafiki with play money, developing a wallet for everyday users, a bank wallet - interface for bank usage, an e-commerce site. Current focus on the wallet.

== Rafiki ==
– Open Payments SDK
– Resolving open issues - B1 release end of this month
– TigerBeetle - a little bit longer to resolve the issues
– Admin UI - coming together great
– Milestone:
– Sunsetting the (disabled) as it has old documentation

== Coil ==
– Changes to the Coil Developer website to Coil Open Source website
– will be featuring Interledger related projects
– DM Uchi on slack if you want to get your Interledger-related project featured.

== Community Project share | Malcolm Kastiro ==

  • Malcolm shared about his project MicroLipa.


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