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Meeting Minutes and Recordings from Interledger Community Call - 12 April 2023

Here is a recap of our April 12th, 2023, Interledger Community Call with Meeting Notes and links to recordings.

Recording and Podcast

For those new to our community, ILF stands for Interledger Foundation. We are a community of technologists, digital creatives, researchers, entrepreneurs, and educators working to build new pathways to financial inclusion and equity through digital transactions.

Interledger Foundation (ILF) updates
= Future | Money Grant (Lawil )=

  • 96 submissions
  • Judges have started the processes

Open Payments Huddle - 27th April

ILF hosting two sessions at the upcoming Global Digital Development Forum

ILF in Cape Town, South Africa

  • Briana talked at Blockchain Africa about Financial Inclusion
  • Sabine did a lecture at a local university
  • ILP Developer Meetup with Snake Nation - 65+ attendees (Awareness and gathering feedback from local communities, local wallets)
  • Soft launch of Rafiki v1 Alpha launch

Rafiki (Sabine and Max):

  • 1.1 alpha release with admin API frontend -
  • New docs to the repository
  • Populating, a one-stop place for account servicing entities
  • Testnet ~ Breakpoint work week in Romania
  • Demo on Testnet soon; Get an account, add the mock amount, and send and request money on the networking.

Welcome Sabine and Catherine to Interledger Foundation (ILF)

  • ILF growing
  • Catherine Fukushima focuses on fundraising, philanthropy, and partnerships.

Deep-dive: SumAssembly


  • Web extension developers - talk to us!
  • We need help with WebMonetization extensions
  • Ping us on Interldger Slack -
  • Paid / Grants/ Contracts/ Vountarily, all options are open.
  • A few things we're looking at:
  • A mock version of Web Monetization. Web Monetization work with Open Payments.
  • Change Web Monetization models streaming and tipping initially. Future Example: pay-per-view; the tally of money spent over a time; rate of streaming.
  • Email - alex at interledger dot org or Say hi to Alex on Slack.

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