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Notes and recordings from the ILP Community Call - 8 June

Here are the notes and recordings from the ILP Community Call:

ILF Updates

  • Alex talking at CodeMentor and DevTalks
  • Alex was at the European Parliament talking about Open Payments with the European Union stakeholders
  • Announcing ILP Summit 2022! Stay tuned for more details.
  • Briana Marbury talks about how the Interledger Foundation is Strengthening its Infrastructure & Increasing Financial Services Providers in the Ecosystem.

Coil updates

  • Events & Educational work - Global Hack Week
  • WordCamp Europe - talked about Interledger

Rafiki Updates

  • Hiring Developers for Rafiki 2.
  • Open Payments API endpoints implemented; private incoming payments in Web Monetisation.
  • GNAP auth server - authorization flow
  • Milestones, issues, and weekly calls are now open to the community. 1
  • Connection detail resource with that can get the connection details from the incoming payments from the URL about ever having to know about the incoming payments
  • Changes to the ILP pay Library
  • Added to Rafiki - JASON valid data which checks for any open payment requests

Open Payments updates

  • Clean-up of the repo - landing page
  • Web Monetization use case where - the browser pauses payment on a web page and instructs a wallet to send a payment to that payment pointer
  • Incoming payments include URL where you could get stream connection details.
  • As privacy-preserving as possible for the Web Monetization
  • Right now the packets are created with-in the browser
  • More details on:

Fynbos update

  • Due diligence happening for the Electronic Money Distributor License.
  • Exploring new partner banks in the US.
  • Product Development: -- Hiring Backend Engineer (for onsite)

Community projects

  • Matt Mankins - -- A simple tool to create a paywall for any URL -- allows end-users to wrap their website URL to a Web Monetized enabled link. -- Users with a Coil browser extension can readily access a URL -- Alternatively, the users can still access a website directly and what is helping is to create a URL that can be used in promotions/ social media, etc to be accessed by the Coil/ Web Monetized enabled browsers

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Recordings are available on:

Upcoming Community Call:

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