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Rafiki Updates - March 2024

Big news! We have released 2! new versions of Rafiki - Alpha 6 and 7. Alpha 6 was the feature heavy release and we’ll focus on this one here. Alpha 7 was a follow-up release to fix a migration bug that Alpha 6 introduced. For more details, read the Alpha 6 and Alpha 7 release notes.


The biggest feature within the Alpha 6 release is our new telemetry feature. Rafiki will collect, sanitize, and report test network data to a central service run by the Interledger Foundation. This allows us to gain insights into the adoption of ILP and the growth of the network in general. We are testing it in testnet first, before we release this feature for livenet deployments of Rafiki. If you want to learn more about our telemetry, please check out our docs.

Payment Liquidity

Alpha 6 also deprecates event liquidity in favor of payment liquidity. So far, liquidity management for incoming and outgoing payments was handled based on the webhook events fired when these Open Payments resources were created and completed. From feedback we have gathered from our integrators, payment liquidity is considered to be more intuitive. Hence, we have deprecated the event liquidity endpoints and added new endpoints to deposit and withdraw liquidity from incoming and outgoing events. For more details, check out the Admin API documentation.

Postman adieu, hello Bruno

Over the months, we have become more and more frustrated with Postman and its hybrid synchronization with its own servers and Github. Furthermore, generating request signatures for Open Payments in Postman pre-request scripts has been cumbersome due to the limitations of WebCrypto. And let’s not get me started on the costs of Postman! We have now fully completed our transition to Bruno, an Open Source API client that only syncs using git and uses very readable collection files. Additionally, it allows us to load npm packages, which will remove the dependency on an AWS lambda function for signature generation in our pre-request scripts. I call this a total success!

Upcoming Changes

It’s time to tighten our security. We are working on securing Rafiki’s Admin APIs as well as the Admin UI. Additionally, we are introducing protection against commonly known GraphQL attack vectors. With the help of our new devops engineer, Tadej, we will improve our release pipeline such that we are ready for our first beta release as soon as all those security issues are fixed.

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