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Looking for a library to implement Web Monetization?

We got it!

We just released a React library that helps you track the Web Monetization state in your app. 🎉

It is fully open source, can be installed from npm and is available on GitHub.

GitHub logo InterruptorPt / react-monetization

A React library for tracking Web Monetization state

If you need a tutorial on how to set things up, we also prepared a 2-part guide on our brand new tech blog - the library does most of the job for you, though. The blog is published in both English and Portuguese and even has a dark mode. Last but not least, it is also released under an MIT License, meaning that you can use it as a template to build your own bilingual tech blog.

GitHub logo InterruptorPt / tech-blog

Interruptor's tech blog // Blogue de tecnologia do Interruptor

Let us know if this was useful and how we can improve it.

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